The 14th China(Shanghai) Industry Automation & Robot EXPO Review

  • Date: 2017-05-09
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The 14th China(Shanghai) Industry Automation & Robot EXPO is the largest International exhibits in china.

IOTWORKSHOP is the most cost-effective provider of the whole industry chain intelligent hardware in china, IOTWORKSHOP get great attention and recognition in the EXPO,Everyone have the same feeling on the development of industry internet of things. IOTWORKSHOP will focus on Internet of Things,Provide help and support to Industry 4.0!

IOTWORKSHOP highly recommend the new product HF5142( 4 ports Ethernet serial server) in the EXPO, HF5142 with cost effective price and multi function,HF5142 become the most popular product.

                                                       Many customer visit IOTWORKSHOP Booth


                                           China sales introduce serial to Ethernet  HF5111B product to visitor

                                                          China sales recommend new product HF5142 to customer


秒速赛车投注网址Three Brazil customers are very interested in TTL serial to Ethernet Eport Pro-EP10 , After discuss details with sales,They are very satisfied with our products and solution, Decide to cooperate with IOTWORKSHOP and ordered many samples to test.

IOTWORKSHOP will attend Shenzhen International Industry Automation EXPO.

Date:28-30 JUne 2017   

Add:Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

HALL 2,  Booth:2.327.

IOTWORKSHOP will keep moving,  Provide best products and service to customer, Do what you want and Do best!

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